5 Odd Picks for a Book Club!

Hello, friends! I have always swooned over the idea of hosting a book club. I have stage fright, and I struggle to express my opinions to people I don’t know. Here are some obscure books that I have read that I think would be perfect for a book club. I tried to choose some from all different genres. Hope you all enjoy!

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The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan

Can Goodreads sell it?

“A novel of the cruelty of war, and tenuousness of life and the impossibility of love.”

  • This is definitely one for an adult book club. Flanagan’s writing won’t be for everyone, especially since this one doesn’t use quotation marks to indicate dialogue. This novel deals with a lot of underlying issues such as good vs evil. That would make great discussion. I’m sure a lot of people have many opinions about that. It’s also just a great WWII historical fiction novel overall. It didn’t win the Man Booker Prize for nothing, folks!

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

Can Goodreads sell it?

“An addictive psychological thriller about a group of women whose lives become unexpectedly connected when one of their newborns goes missing.”

  • Listen, I know what you all are thinking. Why? Well, I honestly thought that this would be great for a mystery book club. It deals with mothers, and one of the children get kidnapped. It has darker themes running through the story. It was honestly one of my favorite mystery/thrillers, and I am excited to see what Molloy writes next!

The Lies of Locke Lomora by Scott Lynch

Can Goodreads sell it?

“In this stunning debut, author Scott Lynch delivers the wonderfully thrilling tale of an audacious criminal and his band of confidence tricksters.”

  • You can’t tell me this would make an amazing discussion. This is a high fantasy that is funny and intense. It took me a second to get into it, but if you’re into fantasy, then this is perfect for you. The characters are easy to love and easy to hate. It’s a series, so you could read this one month and the others later on. There is a lot a reader could dissect.

The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord

Can Goodreads sell it?

When it all falls apart, who can you believe in?”

  • This would be great for a young adult book club. There are deeper themes that are involved, and it may even help teens that are trying to figure it out. It does have a religious aspect to it, which could bother some teens, but it didn’t bother me at all. The characters all have their problems, but it’s such a heartfelt read. It would be very easy to get through in a month. I don’t read young adult often, but I could get behind this one.

The Boy at the Door by Alex Dahl

Can Goodreads sell it?

“This riveting psychological suspense debut by Alex Dahl asks the question, “how far would you go to hold on to what you have?”

  • This was one of the more interesting suspense mysteries I have ever read. You can tell there was a lot of thought and time put into it. It keeps you guessing the entire time. I try not to guess what is going on, but with this one I kept trying. It deals with some hard-hitting topics such as drugs, rape, and a lot of other forms of harassment. It’s definitely a read for adults, but it was well worth it. I don’t hear anyone talk about it and I think it’s worth a read.

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