Book Review: The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

The Perfect Mother

Author: Aimee Molloy

Page count: 317

ISBN: 9780062696793

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Rating: 4/5 stars


This novel is quite sad and terrifying, especially for new mothers. I have never read anything quite like this book.


If you’re not familiar, this novel is about a group of women called the May Mothers that all meet online. They were all pregnant, and had their babies in the same month (*hint* May *hint hint*). They all decided that they were going to finally meet at a park every couple of weeks. There are quite a few mothers involved but throughout the story it really focuses on Nell, Collette, Francie, and Winnie. Winnie is the least of the four that’s mentioned after a while. On July 4th, the hottest day of the year, they all want to get a break from their new bundles of joy, and go drink a little bit at a bar. Unfortunately, Winnie, the one mother that is single is struck with tragedy. Her son ends up missing from her home, and chaos ensues.

“Bad things happen in heat like this.” 


I have been reading very average books lately, and this one was a step up. I read it in about two days and couldn’t get enough of it. I also forgot to tab it, and I regret it because now I’m writing this review frantically searching for parts I want to talk about in detail. Anyway, I will admit that there are some parts of the story that drag, but they usually don’t last very long. I do recommend this book, because it really isn’t just about a kidnapping. It’s about the effects that society can have on a person when it comes to a problem like the one in the story. It really takes a toll on the ones affected, especially if all the stories are questionable.

I kind of just want to touch on some of the deeper issues in the story.

  • When trying to find the suspect, they end up accusing a couple of people who wind up being dead ends. The easiest to accuse was obviously a man of middle eastern descent. I loved this part of the book. I love interviews, especially when they are hard-hitting. There is a civil rights attorney that takes over the mans case, and basically tells CNN where to shove it.

This is a textbook case of racial profiling. What is the evidence against him? He was seen around Winnie Ross’s building, and he’s of Middle Eastern descent. That’s it.”

I knew exactly where the story was going when they mentioned this man. It’s sad that this happens more often than not in the world today. I know and I am glad that there are people out there that care about sticking up for what is right!

  • The novel also touches base on the lack of paid maternity leave in the U.S. I have heard a lot about this lately, even at my own job. I really hope that sometime in the future it changes, because I do want a baby someday. I don’t want to struggle trying to take care of a newborn and worry about money. It’s not ideal. To all the mothers that have dealt with this, you all are such troopers.
  • “Modern Motherhood” is a term for mothers that go out and party a few weeks after their baby is born. I see a lot of this happening too. I have gone to high school with teenage girls that have a baby and immediately go to bar a couple of weeks later. I understand that you need a break every once in a while, but I don’t find that acceptable. Obviously you are your own person and can do what you want, but I wish people were more responsible. (Please do not fight me about this. It is my personal opinion.)
  • The last point I want to touch base on is immigration. Alma, the woman who was supposed to be taking care of baby Midas, was not from the United States. There were stories about her and “baby selling rings.” (I have no idea what that is or if it’s even a thing). Nell sticks up for Alma while talking to a detective, and like I said before I love it when people stick up for others. It’s sad that immigration is so frowned upon. There are circumstances where other people are here for ALL the wrong reasons, but most of the time they just want to start a new life. (Again, just my opinion.)

She may be an immigrant, but she’s still human.” 

There are a lot of things that happen in this book, and I promise it isn’t just a cliché mystery (it kind of is though in a way lol). There is a little more to chew on when you read this mystery. I recommend it if you have been interested in picking it up.

Disclaimer: This novel deals with a little bit of everything. There is racism, religion, sexual harassment, kidnapping (obviously). It doesn’t take over the story but it touches on these so beware of that.

If you have read this story, let me know what you thought about it in the comments (no spoilers). If you enjoyed this then give it a like and follow me for future book reviews! Be respectful and happy reading.





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