Top Ten Tuesday: Frequently Used Words in Mystery Titles.

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I wanted to use a genre that I enjoy and read quite a bit of. I definitely don’t read it as much anymore since I’ve gotten into fantasy, but I still love a good mystery. Here are the words that I found to show up more often in mystery titles:

  1. Die
  2. Lie(s)
  3. Daughter(s)
  4. Snow
  5. Murder
  6. Lake/River – basically any body of water.
  7. Blood
  8. Children
  9. Bone(s)
  10. Gone

I know that these are very basic, but most Mystery titles are. They are not in any particular order. If you have any frequently used words in Mystery titles then let me know down below. These were the main ones that popped into my head. I also looked at popular ones to see what other kinds of titles there were other than the ones I have read.

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