Book Review: Starsight (Skyward #2) by Brandon Sanderson

Starsight (Skyward #2) by Brandon Sanderson

461 pages

ISBN: 9780399555817

Published: 11/26/19 by Delacorte Press

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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Goodreads Synopsis:

All her life, Spensa’s dreamed of becoming a pilot. Of proving she’s a hero like her father. She made it to the sky, but the truths she learned about her father were crushing. The rumors of his cowardice are true—he deserted his flight during battle against the Krell. Worse, though, he turned against his team and attacked them.

Spensa is sure that there’s more to the story. And she’s sure that whatever happened to her father in his starship could happen to her. When she made it outside the protective shell of her planet, she heard the stars—and it was terrifying. Everything Spensa has been taught about her world is a lie.

But Spensa also discovered a few other things about herself—and she’ll travel to the end of the galaxy to save humankind if she needs to.


A hero does not choose her trials.”

Characters |

There are so many new characters introduced, and so many types of aliens (e.g. dione, figment, delvers, etc).

The most interesting to me was Morriumur, who is considered a dione (draft), which means he’s technically not born yet. It’s such an interesting / weird concept. I didn’t really understand it. His parents could decide whether or not they wanted him to be the type of person he was starting to become.

Vapor was also an interesting character. She was quite literally just a smell. Her scent changed depending on her mood. Her kind is called a figment, and a lot of them died during the human wars. They can pilot ships by infusing the electronics, and they can interrupt signals from the controls.

Spensa finally learns to tone her impulses down. She learns that she’s not invincible. Spensa struggles with not getting attached to other characters. Helping everyone is probably her biggest flaw. Even on an enemy planet, she helps other pilots that are there.

“Perspective. When you’re young, you can assume that everyone older than you has life figured out. Once you get commend yourself, you realize we’re all just the same kids wearing older bodies.”

Doomslug is still around and just as cute as can be. I know that’s what y’all came here for!

One part that made me sad—M-Bot wanting to be human and have human emotions. It reminds me a little bit of Murderbot in the Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells.

Story |

I enjoyed the adventure in this one more than the first book, Skyward. It drags a little here and there, but I had loads of fun the rest of the time.

You learn about Starsight, ran by Winzik, who is the head of the Department of Protective Services. He is tasked to resolve any issues and threats involving the Superiority. Humans are the biggest threat, and the Superiority is recruiting many life forms from different planets.

Alanik of the UrDail is the one that Spensa finds out about. She’s a cytonic like Spensa, and the Superiority wants her to be a pilot for their army. If her people send more pilots, then they could be offered primary citizenship.

Spensa finds Alanik’s ship already damaged, and the girl is about to slip into a coma when she tells Spensa about Starsight. This could be Spensa’s chance to steal a hyperdrive from the aliens. It’s extremely risky though. Spensa isn’t the type to back down from a challenge, and when she brings it up to Jorgen, he agrees to let her go.

She uses holograms to camouflage her and M-Bot to look like Alanik and her ship. The Superiority has no clue what she is supposed to look like, so getting into Starsight shouldn’t be too large of a task. When she gets in and starts training, she learns much more than she could’ve ever imagined.

There were a ton of twists and turns involved. I cannot wait to see where the universe takes Spensa and her pals—doomslug and M-Bot.

Writing |

I liked that the writing didn’t feel like I was reading a young adult novel, but it was still super fun. It’s very similar to Skyward, so if you enjoyed the way that one is written, then no worries about this one.

Overall |

If you have read and enjoyed Skyward, then I would totally recommend this one. I like when there are more politics and world-building. There is a lot of action in this one, too! Was it my new favorite science fiction novel? No, but I still had so much fun reading it. It was over 400 pages, and it only took me about four days to read it—without an audiobook! That’s a record for me. Just go pick it up.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Have Read and Would Like in My Personal Library (8/27/19)


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Book I’ve read and would like in my personal library:

  1. Miracle Creek by Angie Kim
  2. The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware
  3. The Tenth Muse by Catherine Chung
  4. The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish
  5. The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill
  6. All Systems Red (and the rest of the series) by Martha Wells
  7. Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas
  8. The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
  9. Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire
  10. Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Top Ten Inspirational & Thought Provoking Quotes from Books (4/30/19)

Go check out the host of TTT: That Artsy Reader Girl. The rules are also on her blog in case you don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is.

These quotes were just what I could find on my phone or tabbed in some of my books. I read a lot of library books that I wasn’t able to tab and I never saved the quotes. Please enjoy!

So how, children, does the brain, which lives without a spark of light, build for us a world full of light?” All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

“It may be the luckiest and purest thing of all to see time sharpen to a single point. To feel the world rise up and shake you hard, insisting that you rise, too, somehow. Someway. That you come awake and stretch, painfully. That you change, completely and irrevocably-with whatever means are at your disposal-into the person you were always meant to be.” Love and Ruin by Paula McLain

For thousands of years, human beings had screwed up and trashed and crapped on this planet, and now history expected me to clean up after everyone. I have to wash out and flatten my soup cans. And account for every drop of motor oil.” Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Some want it to happen. Some wish it would happen. Some make it happen.” The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.” The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Great danger is always associated with great power. The difference between the great and the mediocre is that the great are willing to take that risk.” The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

Within the team there was no gender. We were all equal in everything. We had a strict code of ethics and discipline. At that time, the most important goal was the spirit of being together as a team, and overcoming the distance.” Dead Mountain by Donnie Eichar

“I think given the choice between loving Mare-betrayal included-and never knowing her, I’d choose love. I risked, and I lost, but the risk was worth it. It’s the same with my friends. Suspicion is healthy in our profession-but only to an extent. I’d rather trust my men than worry about what will happen if they turn on me.” The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

“We must not cower in the dark because we’re afraid of the spark within us. The answer is not to put out the spark, but learn to control it.” Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

“Who knew being a heartless killing machine would present so many moral dilemmas.” Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells

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Book Review: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson (Skyward Series #1)

513 pages

Published: 11/6/2018 by Delacorte Press

ISBN: 9780399555770

Genre: Young Adult/Sci-Fi

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2

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“We must not cower in the dark because we’re afraid of the spark within us. The answer is not to put out the spark, but to learn to control it.

Spensa, a young aspiring pilot, has witnessed her world being under attack her whole life. Pilots are the heroes that save what’s left of the human race. Everything is fine until her father is killed in a battle after he deserted his team. Now Spensa is considered the coward’s daughter, and it almost ruins her chance of becoming a pilot, or even attending flight school. One day she manages to find something in one of the caverns that helps her overcome all of the obstacles she has had to face, because of her father’s actions.

I don’t usually read Young Adult novels. I’m not saying that I always hate the ones I pick up, but most of the time I am not interested in the story. I also don’t pick up science fiction. This book was basically a double whammy, and I didn’t completely despise it. The writing was very smooth, and easy to understand. Brandon Sanderson really knows how to develop characters. It’s very easy to make a young adult novel extremely cheesy. I found that to be the opposite with this book, for the most part. I understand that it is for younger readers, but he did a great job. It stopped me from putting it down, and never picking it back up. It’s definitely a page turner, that’s for sure.

What I wasn’t very fond of was how long it was, and the ending. The ending of the book wasn’t terrible. I liked it better than the ending of The Final Empire. This one seemed rushed, and after reading over 500 pages, I don’t want a rushed ending. This book could have been 300 pages, 400 if it absolutely needed to be, and still would have been a wonderful book. I’m sad that I didn’t click with this one as much as The Final Empire. It is in a series, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with how it ended, but I just wasn’t a fan.

I honestly think I enjoyed the characters more in this novel. That usually isn’t the case. They were just bundles of fun, and they all had their own backgrounds. Every single one of them were different, but they all connected. For some reason I loved Jorgen. He was such a know-it-all, but I loved it. Spensa didn’t bother me too much, and a lot of the other characters were just part of the story. I loved them all in different ways. I felt like they were my children, and I had to protect them. I wish I could read books with characters that I love more often. Recently, it seems like authors  tend to create unlikable characters.

I do still very much recommend this novel, but keep in mind that it is quite long. It’s a page turner, but for me it lagged a bit in the middle. I will obviously continue reading Brandon Sanderson. He has officially made a place in my little stash of favorite authors. I just think he has great ideas, and his writing style is quite smooth. For a fantasy/science fiction writer, I’m sure that can be difficult.

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February 2019 Reading Wrap Up!

This month was not as successful as January, but who is actually surprised? This month has been rough for me in terms of mental health, and I truly apologize…AGAIN for not posting as much as I should. This month I finished three books, and over half of another.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer – ⭐⭐ 1/2

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson – 70% complete.

I know this was quite short, and sweet, but I figured I would let you all in on the progress I have made. Hopefully March will treat me a little bit better. I’m going to try my hardest to read more. I definitely want to, that’s for sure.

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Book Review: The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson

The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson

Published: July 25, 2006 by Tor Books

541 pages

ISBN: 9780765311788

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1/2

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads

In a world where ash falls from the sky, and mist dominates the night, an evil cloaks the land and stifles all life. The future of the empire rests on the shoulders of a troublemaker and his young apprentice. Together, can they fill the world with color once more?

In Brandon Sanderson’s intriguing tale of love, loss, despair and hope, a new kind of magic enters the stage — Allomancy, a magic of the metals.

I loved this novel! I cannot even stress that enough. It’s one of the reasons I love reading fantasy. I explained it the other night to my boyfriend that fantasy novels sometimes feel more realistic than a contemporary. I understand that they are fantasy and very far-fetched, but the characters are much easier to connect to and fall in love with.

I will say that my biggest issue with this genre is that it tends to drag. This book did not do that, at least for me. It had a lot of world, and magic building involved. I think I learned something new in every chapter. Sanderson gives you all the information you need without it being overwhelming. He spreads it out in a way that makes you want to keep turning the pages.

Aside from the world and magic building the characters were so much fun to follow. There were a few that I fell in love with that are now some of my favorite fictional characters (#Sazed). They are a great mixture of witty and serious. It’s just a novel full of bad ass characters, and intense fighting.

My one critique was the ending, unfortunately. It was very anticlimactic, and cringe worthy. I wanted some intense cliff hanger that made me want to pick up the next book immediately. SPOILER: It didn’t. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed, but I’m sure it can only get better from there, right? One can only hope.

Whether I liked the ending or not, I recommend this book 100%. It’s an epic fantasy that isn’t hard to read at all. If you’re nervous about starting, don’t be. I promise you that it will all be worth it!

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