Library Book Haul!

Another library book haul for you all! Some of these are about due back, so I figured I would make this now. I’m excited for all of these, but I just don’t have enough time to read all of them 😦

  1. The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor
  2. Not Our Kind by Kitty Zeldis
  3. Stardust by Neil Gaiman
  4. Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine
  5. The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck
  6. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
  7. Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh
  8. Letter 44 Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 by Charles Soule
  9. Unbury Carol by Josh Malerman
  10. The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay
  11. Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum
  12. The Beloveds by Maureen Lindley
  13. Black Mad Wheel by Josh Malerman
  14. The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware
  15. Pet Sematary by Stephen King
  16. Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane
  17. An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena
  18. The Outsider by Stephen King
  19. Providence by Caroline Kepnes
  20. Dunbar by Edward St. Aubyn
  21. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer
  22. The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson
  23. One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  24. Red Clocks by Leni Zumas

Have you read any of these? No spoilers please!

If you enjoyed this then give it a like and follow my blog for future library book hauls! Be respectful and happy reading.



2018 Reading Goals

I have just started reading as a hobby in August of this year and I’ve been loving it so much! I haven’t read a lot but I think 30 something books in 4 months is decent for a newbie. However, it isn’t a race. I enjoy taking my time with books that I love. I’m very excited to have goals for a whole year! They will probably be ambitious but who doesn’t like a good challenge?

I’m going to make 5 reading goals for 2018. I’ll check in throughout the year and let you all know how these goals are coming along.

1. Read 50 books

2. 10 of those should be non-fiction

3. Read at least one book with 500+ pages

4. Complete the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare (I’ve read the first two in the series years ago and just never continued.)

5. Complete the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling (I have not read any of these yet. I’ve tried reading the first one 100 times since I’ve been able to read and just haven’t finished it.)

I would love to see everyone else’s 2018 goals. Let me know what you think of these. Remember to be respectful and happy reading!

November Wrap-Up!

This is about 6 days late but that’s okay. It’s still early in December. November was not the most successful month of reading but I did try my hardest. I started working full-time at my job and I just had zero free time. However, I think 6 1/2 books isn’t too shabby for what was going on.

6 books completed in November:

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman


Goodreads | Goodreads Review | WordPress Review

A Line in the Dark by Malinda Lo


Goodreads | Goodreads Review

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur



The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman


Goodreads | Goodreads Review

Awakened by Love by Azin Sametipour


Goodreads | Goodreads Review

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo


Goodreads | Goodreads Review | WordPress Review

1 DNF’d book:

The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman


GoodreadsGoodreads Review

This was a short post but it was just supposed to be an update anyway. Hopefully I will have a successful reading month for December.

I hope everyone gets a lot of books for Christmas! If you have read any of these books or want to please leave a comment below. If you don’t want to leave a comment you can just give it a quick like. Thanks for reading. Be respectful and happy reading!

Time Bubble Book Tag

The Book Loving Pharmacist has created this tag. Check out their post here.

The basis of this tag is that the avid readers want more time to read all of the books. In a different world you can manipulate time and read all of the books you want. Go ahead, try it!

What book or audio book have you been meaning to read?

Vicious by V.E Schwab. It was one of the first books I bought when I started reading consistently.

A book you’ve been meaning to reread but haven’t:

Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. I read it awhile ago and didn’t quite understand it. Now that I have become a better reader I would like to reread it and see if it was as good as I thought.

A book from a genre you don’t normally read but have been meaning to try to give it a chance:

Science Fiction is one that I don’t usually read but would love to give a try.

A series you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t because of how long it is:

Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. I was never interested in reading it as a kid but now I would love to see what EVERYONE raves about.

A book you wish you could go back in time and read for the first time:

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I read it when I was younger. I over think it now when it should just be enjoyed.

Book recommendation you’ve been putting off:

Six of Crows or Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. I am just not interested to read them right now. I have books that make higher priority.

I loved this tag and I hope everyone else does. Let me know what you think of these answers. Remember, be respectful and happy reading.

I’m not tagging anyone because anyone can do this. Actually, I recommend doing it.

Book Review: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

Title: The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials #1)

AKA: Northern Lights

Author: Philip Pullman

Publication date: April 16, 1996

Page count: 399

ISBN: 9780679879244

Rating: Image result for 4/5 stars


Goodreads | Goodreads Review

“That’s the duty of the old,” said the Librarian, “to be anxious on behalf of the young. And the duty of the young is to scorn the anxiety of the old.”


The Golden Compass follows a young female protagonist named Lyra Belacqua and her dæmon, Pantalaimon. The story starts off following her around inside the Jordan College where her uncle, Lord Asriel, comes back and tells all the scholars about the North. He mentions a severed child and this peculiar thing they call Dust. Unfortunate events happen and Lyra ends up getting herself involved in the mess. There are experiments on children and their dæmons, armored bears, and many battles. It’s definitely a story you will never get bored with.

The characters:

I enjoyed all the characters in the sense that Pullman did a good job with developing all the different personalities. An example would be Lee Scoresby, an aeronaut from Texas. The dialect he uses differentiated him from any other character in the book. He was also one of my favorite characters along with Fardar Coram, a gyptian elder. There were also armored bears and witches that I didn’t expect to be in the book. I enjoyed reading how much they helped Lyra in her journey. There were plenty of people working against her and it was nice to run into someone who was fighting with her.

Lyra is one of the few female protagonists that I liked reading about. Most of the time I find the protagonists a bit annoying and pretty selfish. I usually love reading about the supporting characters in a novel. Lyra was always thinking of others even when she was in need. She even made sure that her dæmon was safe which is necessary considering the characters aren’t allowed to stray far from their dæmons without it physically hurting them. With that said, I really enjoyed her journey and I’m still enjoying it in, The Subtle Knife.

My thoughts:

This book makes sense to be called Northern Lights because it does deal a lot with the Northern lights. It’s actually one of the main pieces of plot.

I enjoyed how creative the story was. I’ve never read anything like it before. It’s considered a Young Adult book and I don’t even think I could have read it when I was younger. I could see some of it being difficult to understand and I’m in my 20’s. Pullman did a great job in describing everything, but sometimes I felt like some parts of the novel needed more plot or more dialogue. It all depended on what was happening. That being said I loved the one on one conversation between Serafina Pekkala and Lee Scoresby. It was towards the end of the novel and they discussed what it was like being a witch (Serafina) and an aeronaut (Scoresby). They talked about choice and what it meant to them and it was just very interesting to read. In all honestly, it made me think about what choice means to me.

This is definitely a novel that will make you wonder what you would have done in a certain situation. Maybe you could have done it better or maybe they did it better than you could thought of. There are so many difficult situations the characters are put in and all you can feel is sorry for them. It’s exhausting to read because of everything that happens and all you have to do is move your eyes back and forth and flip the page.


I would recommend this book to any age. There is nothing provocative or weird. There is a battle between two bears that gets a little brutal but that’s about it. It’s a really fun read and it took me almost a week to read it but that’s because I had to work. If work didn’t exist I would have read it in two days. It also helps if you listen to the audio book. It’s a full cast and it’s so good!

I will also be doing reviews on the two other books part of this trilogy as well as Pullman’s new book, The Book of Dust. Keep your eye open for those.

Let me know if you have read this book before and what you thought about it. Remember, be respectful and happy reading!





October 2017 Wrap-Up!

October is officially over! I hope everyone had a very spooky but safe Halloween. If you don’t celebrate Halloween, I hope you had a happy and safe Tuesday! I’m here to bring you my October wrap up. It’s just going to be a short post so sorry about that. It’s crazy to me that I’ve been blogging for about a month now. Thank you everyone that has followed along with me. I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a little bit I just haven’t had the time to do anything let alone blog. I have still been reading though so no worries!

We Are the Ants by Josh Hutchinson


4.25-4.5/5 Stars


An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin


4.25/5 Stars


Hit the Ground Running by Alison Hughes


2/5 Stars


Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson


3.5-4/5 Stars


Into the Water by Paula Hawkins


3-3.5/5 Stars


Without Merit by Colleen Hoover


4/5 Stars


Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt


3/5 Stars


Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire


4/5 Stars


Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire


2.5/5 Stars


Let me know if the comments what you think of these books if you’ve read them. You could also let me know if any of these are on your TBR! Remember to be respectful and happy reading!

Book Review of Every Heart a Doorway and Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire
Children end up going through doors, rabbit holes and anything they can go through to end up in magical worlds. When they come back to the real world most of them try to figure out how they can get back to their fantasy worlds they loved so much. They are then taken to Miss West’s school for Wayward Children where they are supposed to be helped. This is where Nancy, our main protagonist ends up. When tragedy starts to take over, Nancy has to figure out what is going on.

Rating: Image result for 4 out of 5 stars rating

Goodreads synopsis

Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire
This story is the prequel to Every Heart a Doorway. It is the story of the characters Jack and Jill from the first book. They are twins of a couple that were very orderly but decided to have children for attention. They ended up raising them to their standards, one being the perfect little girl and one having to play the role of a little boy. At twelve years old the two of them walked down the staircase into a world that involved a lot of death and many choices that changed how they grew up. When they turned 17 they finally made their way back home.

Rating: Image result for 2.5 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Synopsis | My Goodreads Review

Okay, don’t kill me, but I am not the biggest fan of these books. Every Heart a Doorway was definitely the better half but it wasn’t my favorite read of this year.
What threw me off a little bit was that Down Among the Sticks and Bones was a prequel not a sequel. I don’t have anything against prequels, but to be honest I’m not a fan of them. I haven’t read enough books to make a good argument here but based off of movies I’ve watched it never works. They always end up being boring and I lose interest. That is what happened with this one.

The writing:
The reason I was so hooked in the first book was mainly because of the writing. McGuire knows how to use her words. The descriptive words and some of the dialogue was very witty which I enjoy. I found a few quotes from Every Heart a Doorway that just rang so true and you can bet that I wrote them down to treasure. The prequel had the same sort of writing but somehow it wasn’t a redeemable factor for me.

The characters in Down Among the Sticks and Bones were very bland. There was no character building and they just didn’t have enough personality to allow me to connect with them. I’m not a twin so I couldn’t tell you if the relationship between Jack and Jill was spot on. Not that there was much of a relationship between the two in this novel. It was hard for me to distinguish which one McGuire was talking about at any given point in the book. I had to make sure I was paying attention when they mentioned names.
Jack was one of my favorite characters in Every Heart a Doorway so it took me by surprise that she annoyed me in Down Among the Sticks and Bones. In Every Heart a Doorway she was the most relatable character because she never messed around. She was very witty and real. She was very dull and boring in Down Among the Sticks and Bones.

Another point to make about Jack was that in the prequel she was considered a lesbian. Which doesn’t bother me at all, it actually makes me happy to see that. The issue was that McGuire kind of threw you into the relationship she had with Alexis and then pulled you out because of an unfortunate event a few pages later. I guess she didn’t need to dwell on the relationship because that is not the point of the story. I think it’s just my preference to have a little more romance in a novel. I just think romance can either make or break a book and in this case it may have helped a little more.

In Every Heart a Doorway our main protagonist, Nancy, was said to be Asexual. McGuire mentioned it quite a bit and the characters even discussed it throughout the novel, and I really enjoyed it. It’s something that isn’t talked about a lot and I’m glad that it was included. I wasn’t expecting it so it was a nice surprise.

There was also a transgender character in Every Heart a Doorway named Kade. He was also one of my favorites because he was smart and helped when he could.

The world was discussed in the books but not in as much detail as I would have liked. They never explained much about what all the different types of worlds meant such as (high logic, high nonsense, the moors etc …) I was definitely confused in the beginning as to what everything meant and at the end I still didn’t quite understand the different worlds. The prequel also didn’t help me because it was all down in the moors. The world had potential to be great and take a greater part in the story but it just didn’t.

I will end up reading the third book, Beneath the Sugar Sky. It does take us back to the Every Heart a Doorway, but the children are being introduced to the real world again. I hope that it has the same characters because I do want to know more about them since I haven’t learned much in the first two books. However, since I checked these two books from the library I would probably only purchase Every Heart a Doorway. I know it would look good to have both of them on my shelves, Down Among the Sticks and Bones would just collect dust. In the end I was just not impressed.


Let me know what you thought of these books. I’d like to read your opinions. Remember, be respectful and happy reading.

WWW Wednesday! 10-25-17

This is hosted by Taking on a World of Words

Go check out their blog!

All you do is answer:
What are you currently reading?

What have you recently finished?

What do you plan on reading next?

Currently reading:

Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan Mcguire. I’m enjoying it so far but not as much as the first one. At the moment I’m only 69 pages in so maybe it gets better.


Recently finished:

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan Mcguire. I loved this book and I didn’t realize just how creepy it could be. It was definitely a perfect read for October. Also, can we just talk about the cover of this book? It’s beautiful.

There will be a review about both of them when I am finished with Down Among the Sticks and Bones. It would only make sense to review them together.

Goodreads synopsis


Reading next:

His Dark Materials trilogy. So, The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman. I have never read them before so I figured it’s never to late to start. Right? Let me know if you enjoyed these books! I also snatched up the audio books for the first two from my library’s overdrive.



Let me know what you think of all these books. I’d like to see you all post a WWW Wednesday so I can keep up with what everyone is reading. Remember, be respectful and happy reading!

Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon Wrap-Up!

Hello everyone! So on October 21st I participated in Dewey’s 24 hour Read-a-thon. The link takes you to the website that explains when they have the read-a-thons and everything else that goes along with it. I didn’t end up sticking to my TBR just because I knew I wouldn’t finish most of those books.

I started reading Without Merit by Colleen Hoover before I started the read-a-thon. I had  155 pages left and I finished it. There is short review of it on my Goodreads. If you want to see a full review here on my blog comment down below! I would gladly write one.


After finishing that I picked up a few books.

The first book was Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire. I was going into this with high expectations considering most people love it. I haven’t been let down yet. I read 53 pages of that and I am definitely enjoying it.


I started reading Heartless by Marissa Mayer before the read-a-thon but I read 23 pages during. I’m buddy reading it with a friend on Goodreads and we can both agree that it’s not a good book. That’s all I’m going to say about it because I need to finish it.


Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt was the last book I picked up and I ended up reading 91 pages of that. Honestly, I was expecting to finish the book but life got in the way of that. I will definitely finish it soon though, considering how small it is and how big the font is. I’m sort of enjoying it but honestly it’s a little boring to me. Hopefully it gets better.


Overall I read 322 pages for my first read-a-thon. I was hoping to get quite a few books out of the way but I’m happy with what I read. 322 pages for me in one day is actually quite a bit. I barely hit 100 most of the time.

Let me know if you participated in Dewey’s read-a-thon or any other read-a-thon! I would like to see what all of you read and accomplished. Remember to be respectful and happy reading!

Anticipated YA Releases: November-December 2017!

This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

Young Adult/Sci-Fi

November 7th, 2017



Now is Everything by Amy Giles

Young Adult/Contemporary

November 7th, 2017



The Chaos of Standing Still by Jessica Brody

Young Adult/Contemporary

November 28th, 2017



Three Sides of a Heart: Stories about Love Triangles by Natalie C. Parker, Rae Carson, Brandy Colbert, Katie Cotugno, Alaya Dawn Johnson, E.K Johnston, Tessa Gratton, Garth Nix, Veronica Roth, Sabaa Tahir, Brenna Yovanoff, Renee Ahdieh, Julie Murphy, Justina Ireland, Lamar Giles, Bethany Hagen

Young Adult/Contemporary/Romance


December 19th, 2017


Here, There, Everywhere by Julia Durango and Tyler Terrones

Young Adult/Contemporary


December 19th, 2017


Shadow Girl by Liana Liu

Young Adult/Mystery/Paranormal


December 19th, 2017


Before Now by Norah Olson

Young Adult/Contemporary


December 26th, 2017


Let me know what you think of these books and if you’re excited to read them as well! Be respectful and happy reading.



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