Blogmas Day 13: Let’s Talk Bookish – Problematic Books


Happy BLOGMAS day 13!

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This is my first time participating in this weekly meme. I’m always on the lookout for these because I think they’re so much fun!

This Friday’s topic is: How do you deal with problematic books?

I will admit that I haven’t read a ton of glaringly problematic books—that I’m aware of. Normal People by Sally Rooney is probably the only book that stands out to me. You won’t really find any raging reviews on my blog/Goodreads. So, today I’ll just talk about how I would deal with problematic books if I read any.

1. I would DNF the book.

I will admit that I’m a huge complainer/nagger, but a problematic book would be stupid to continue with. It’s not worth my time. I don’t want my blog to be full of negative reviews. I know people enjoy that, but that’s not really my style. If I have to review the book and I didn’t enjoy it, then I will write my honest opinion—good or bad.

2. If necessary, I will talk about it. 

I’m sure there are problematic books that need to be discussed. I don’t want people to read something, get offended, and turn their noses up at books. I know that “content warnings” was last Friday’s topic, but I think they should be included in books, especially problematic ones. If you are any type of book reviewer, please add content warnings when you can!! It’s extremely helpful to a lot of readers. I also believe that if an author is going to write a problematic book, they should disclose the intent—in my opinion.

I won’t pick up a book if I know that it’s harmful. I think that if you read a problematic book, then it’s up to you how you want to deal with it. There is no right or wrong answer. What I think is not what you need to think. Feelings on a book is personal to each and every reader.

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