Book Review of The Roommate by Rosie Danan

The Roommate by Rosie Danan

336 pages

IBSN: 9780593101605

Publication: 9/15/20 by Berkley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

B&N | Book Depository

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House Rules:
Do your own dishes
Knock before entering the bathroom
Never look up your roommate online

The Wheatons are infamous among the east coast elite for their lack of impulse control, except for their daughter Clara. She’s the consummate socialite: over-achieving, well-mannered, predictable. But every Wheaton has their weakness. When Clara’s childhood crush invites her to move cross-country, the offer is too much to resist. Unfortunately, it’s also too good to be true.

After a bait-and-switch, Clara finds herself sharing a lease with a charming stranger. Josh might be a bit too perceptive—not to mention handsome—for comfort, but there’s a good chance he and Clara could have survived sharing a summer sublet if she hadn’t looked him up on the Internet…

Once she learns how Josh has made a name for himself, Clara realizes living with him might make her the Wheaton’s most scandalous story yet. His professional prowess inspires her to take tackling the stigma against female desire into her own hands. They may not agree on much, but Josh and Clara both believe women deserve better sex. What they decide to do about it will change both of their lives, and if they’re lucky, they’ll help everyone else get lucky too.

Even if Clara had broken his heart. Even if she continued to baffle him, continued to infuriate him with how much she made him want her. If she wanted to go to war with a porn monolith, well, the least he could do was ride in beside her.

› A rom-com about the porn industry? Sign me up! You don’t read about that…ever. I love that there’s a book that normalizes it, but also discusses how toxic it can be/is. It tackles both perspectives, male and female, and how sexual assault is sexual assault no matter the gender. I think it would be an important romance to read just in those regards.

› Moving on to the characters—they didn’t impress me by the end of the novel. Josh and Clara start out being two interesting main characters. They are in the same place for two completely different reasons, and they make it work because it’s in their best interest. They get to know each other, for the most part, and there’s sexual tension, of course. It wouldn’t be a romance novel without it. I respect what they tried to do after Josh didn’t want to work for the big porn company anymore—making their own sex-ed type of company, Shameless. I just couldn’t pinpoint why they hit every nerve. The drama just seemed childish (as is most drama).

› I’m really excited to read The Intimacy Experiment by Danan. I actually have the early digital copy from NetGalley, so I’m hoping I’ll get to that sooner rather than later. Thanks Berkley/NetGalley! I think the writing, the potential of the characters, and the intriguing plot has me coming back for more. I’m pretty sure this a series because a character that’s in this book is in the next one, but there’s no series title.

› Would I recommend this to you? Yes! It’s so much fun to read. If you can handle pain-in-the-ass characters, then you’re golden. It might drag a little bit toward the end, but I think you’d be able to push through.

Rosie Danan writes steamy, big-hearted books, articles, and tweets about the trials and triumphs of modern love. When not writing, Rosie enjoys jogging slowly to fast music, petting other people’s dogs, and competing against herself in rounds of Chopped using the miscellaneous ingredients occupying her fridge. To receive first look updates on Rosie’s books as well as infrequent—but cultivated with care—odes to swoon-worthy celebs, useful writing tools, and recommendations for everything from books to bold lipsticks, subscribe to her newsletter:

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Book Review for Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams – HAPPY PUB DAY!

Crazy Stupid Bromance (Bromance Book Club #3) by Lyssa Kay Adams

352 pages

ISBN: 9781984806130

Publication: 10/27/20 by Berkley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

B&N | Book Depository

“Alexis Carlisle and her cat café, ToeBeans, have shot to fame after she came forward as a victim of a celebrity chef’s sexual harassment. When a new customer approaches to confide in her, the last thing Alexis expects is for the woman to claim they’re sisters. Unsure what to do, Alexis turns to the only man she trusts—her best friend, Noah Logan.

Computer genius Noah left his rebellious teenage hacker past behind to become a computer security expert. Now he only uses his old skills for the right cause. But Noah’s got a secret: He’s madly in love with Alexis. When she asks for his help, he wonders if the timing will ever be right to confess his crush.

Noah’s pals in The Bromance Book Club are more than willing to share their beloved “manuals” to help him go from bud to boyfriend. But he must decide if telling the truth is worth risking the best friendship he’s ever had.

A hacktivist and a cat café owner decode the friend zone in this romantic comedy from the author of Undercover Bromance.”

Thank you NetGalley and Berkley for the early digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

I don’t have the finished copy, so I will not be including any quotes.

The Bromance Book Club | Undercover Bromance

I meant to post this before it came out, but other things came up. Happy pub day! Go pick this up. 🙂

› There is so much love in my heart for this series. I’m so happy I found a romance series that I’m not bored with. I know there is one more after this one about Vlad, but I’m not sure about anything past that. I honestly think four books would be enough for this series. There’s really only one other person I could think of to write about, and that’s Colton. Do I want to read about that egomaniac, though?

› Why isn’t there more Noah Logans in the world? He’s so genuine and kind. I love how much he cares for Alexis, even though it does get to be a bit much. There’s also one long stretch of them doing the dirty, and it seems exhausting.

› The story that runs alongside the romance is interesting with this one. Alexis’s mother died and her father is non-existent until her sister shows up at the cafe. Alexis thinks she’s a victim of abuse when she really just wants to discuss their father’s health. Did I care about Elliott and his garbage kidney? No, not really. I honestly wanted more of Noah and Alexis.

› I will say that the excerpts from the book club pick feel a little forced at this point. I think if you’re going to make a series about a book club then there should be more of it sprinkled throughout. Otherwise, just leave it out. I don’t know if people don’t enjoy books inside a book, but I figured that was the whole point of the series. That’s probably my main complaint.

› I know this isn’t the most in-depth review, but it’s just a fun entertaining romance. There’s nothing crazy about it other than the stupid bromance. See what I did there? I highly recommend this series if you want to get out of a slump. I also think these are good starter romances for people who aren’t used to steam. Pick this up when it comes out, or at least start the series.

Lyssa Kay Adams is the pen name of an award-winning journalist who gave up the world of telling true stories to pen emotional romances. She’s also a diehard Detroit Tigers fan who will occasionally cheer for the Red Sox because her husband is from Boston.

Lyssa lives in Michigan with her family and an anxiety-ridden Maltese who steals food and buries it around the house and who will undoubtedly be a character in a future book.

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Book Review: The Comeback by Ella Berman

The Comeback by Ella Berman

383 pages

ISBN: 9780593099513

Published: 8/3/20 by Berkley

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Amazon | B&N

383 pages

Goodreads Synopsis:

Grace Turner was one movie away from Hollywood’s A-List. So no one understood why, at the height of her career and on the eve of her first Golden Globe nomination, she disappeared.

Now, one year later, Grace is back in Los Angeles and determined to reclaim her life on her own terms.

So when Grace is asked to present a lifetime achievement award to director Able Yorke—the man who controlled her every move for eight years—she knows there’s only one way she’ll be free of the secret that’s already taken so much from her.

The Comeback is a powerful and provocative story of justice in the #MeToo era—a true page-turner about a young woman finding the strength and power of her voice.


Trigger warnings: Eating disorder, cheating, gaslighting, sexual harassment of a minor, verbal/emotional abuse, terrible family relationships, drug abuse, alcoholism, suicidal attempts,

Three stars is not a bad rating. This was very much a page-turner for me, but there were some things that held it back from being a four or five.

This is clearly a sensitive topic to discuss and review; I never want to say the wrong thing and offend someone.

However, this is supposed to be a deep dive into Grace Turner’s psyche after being sexually harassed by her movie director, Able. It does dive into all her thoughts as the story progresses and she runs into familiar friends, lovers, and enemies. I just didn’t think it went deep enough. It stayed up toward the surface. It just repeated the same thoughts over and over again, and I found myself sighing every time the same thought appeared. I understand the reasoning, but for 380 pages, I want something more. The problem is that I can’t tell you what I wanted exactly.

I’m obviously not part of Hollywood, but I can imagine that the picture Berman paints in this novel is accurate. There’s so much toxicity—secrets that are left unsaid because of reputation, fake friendships, blackmailing, etc.

I also expected a harsher revenge novel. I thought the choices Grace made were unlikely and not exciting. The end of some chapters made me think that something incredible was around the corner. *womp, womp, woooooomp*

The ending also didn’t make me feel much of anything. It ended quite quickly for everything that went on throughout the story. Problems were resolved so easily, not that they all ended happily.

I very much enjoyed the writing style. It’s very easy to understand. I’m interested in reading more from Berman in the future. Would I recommend it? If you’re okay with the topic at hand, then I would probably recommend it. There’s a lot of story to get through, but I’ve seen quite a few people enjoy it more than me.

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Book Review: The Big Finish by Brooke Fossey

The Big Finish by Brooke Fossey

336 pages

Published 4/14/20 by Berkley

ISBN: 9781984804938

Genre: Fiction

Rating: 4 out of 5.

B&N | Amazon

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley for the early digital copy in exchange for an honest review. I also won this in a Goodreads giveaway, so thank you to them, too!

Goodreads synopsis:

Meet Duffy, an old curmudgeon who lives in an assisted living home.

Meet Josie, a desperate young woman who climbs through his window.

Together, they’re going to learn it’s never too late—or too early—to change your ways.

For Duffy Sinclair, life boils down to one simple thing: maintaining his residence at the idyllic Centennial Assisted Living. Without it, he’s destined for the roach-infested nursing home down the road—and after wasting the first eighty-eight years of his life, he refuses to waste away for the rest. So, he keeps his shenanigans to the bare minimum with the help of his straight-laced best friend and roommate, Carl Upton.

But when Carl’s granddaughter Josie climbs through their bedroom window with booze on her breath and a black eye, Duffy’s faced with trouble that’s sticking around and hard to hide—from Centennial’s management and Josie’s toxic boyfriend. Before he knows it, he’s running a covert operation that includes hitchhiking and barhopping.

He might as well write himself a one-way ticket to the nursing home…or the morgue. Yet Duffy’s all in. Because thanks to an unlikely friendship that becomes fast family—his life doesn’t boil down the same anymore. Not when he finally has a chance to leave a legacy.

In a funny, insightful, and life-affirming debut, Brooke Fossey delivers an unflinching look at growing old, living large, and loving big, as told by a wise-cracking man who didn’t see any of it coming.


Trigger warnings: Cheating, alcohol addiction, thoughts of suicide, grieving the death of a loved one, death, and mention of dementia/Alzheimer’s.

This was one of the purest novels I have ever read. It takes place in an assisted living facility called Centennial, where Duffy and Carl currently reside. Both of them are in pretty good shape for being in their eighties. They pick at the staff, specifically Nora and Anderson. The only problem is new management—she’s a WITCH. Anything out of place with the residents, and they go straight to the nursing home down the road, and it’s filthy!

Carl and Duffy are hilarious together. Carl likes to keep things cool and collected, while Duffy tends to stir the pot. He does try to tone it down since the nasty nursing home is looming over everyone’s head. Duffy also has a crush on Alice, another resident.

One day, a young girl named Josie climbs through their window with a black eye and boozy breath. She ends up being Carl’s granddaughter that Duffy didn’t even know existed. Carl and Duffy share everything with each other, except a shameful past apparently.

What I loved most about this is how real the characters are. The only problem I had was that the age of some of them didn’t match how they acted, Duffy especially. I know that there are eighty-year-olds who can still do a lot, but I just had a hard time wrapping my head around it. Other than that, these characters have so many flaws and so much baggage. Josie lies a lot about her black eye and about whether she has an alcohol addiction or not. What’s even better is that they are all confronted about their lies and secrets. It’s quite refreshing to see that. I think it helps the characters connect more than if nothing was brought to the surface. A lot of good discussions in here, and I think it would make a good book club pick.

There isn’t much of a plot here. There was a brief section where I got a bit bored right before the ending. This was the main reason I couldn’t give it the full five-stars. There was a lull in the book that I ended up skimming. It was only a few pages before it started to pick up again.

That ending, though! It truly broke my heart. I don’t know what I expected the ending to be, but I think I was just in denial. I subconsciously knew what was going to happen. The author did manage to bring light to the situation, and the book didn’t really end on a sad note. I appreciated that a lot!

Would I recommend this? Yes, of course! It was super cute and funny. There’s a lot of character development and important discussions. The author handles everything quite well, in my opinion. It just came out today. So go show the author some love and buy it or ask your library to buy it so you can read it!

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Book Review: He Started It by Samantha Downing

He Started It by Samantha Downing

384 pages

ISBN: 9780451491756

Publication date: 7/28/20 by Berkley

Genre: Mystery / Thriller

Rating: 5 out of 5.

B&N | Amazon

Thank you to Berkley and NetGalley for the early digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads synopsis:

Beth, Portia, and Eddie Morgan haven’t all been together in years. And for very good reasons—we’ll get to those later. But when their wealthy grandfather dies and leaves a cryptic final message in his wake, the siblings and their respective partners must come together for a cross-country road trip to fulfill his final wish and—more importantly—secure their inheritance.

But time with your family can be tough. It is for everyone.

It’s even harder when you’re all keeping secrets and trying to forget a memory—a missing person, an act of revenge, the man in the black truck who won’t stop following your car—and especially when at least one of you is a killer and there’s a body in the trunk. Just to name a few reasons.

But money is a powerful motivator. It is for everyone. 


Trigger warnings: Murder, gambling, cheating, manipulation, drugging, physical/verbal abuse.

I picked this up last month, and I couldn’t get into it. I set it down because I didn’t want to be disappointed. I wanted to give the book a good shot. I read it this month because I thought it was going to be published on the 28th, but it has been postponed until July because of the virus. I’m glad I decided to give it another go. It’s one of my new favorite mystery/thrillers.

If you start reading this and think it’s a little weird, keep going! The writing is extremely vague, short, and choppy. If you can get through that, then you’re golden. There is so much that happens after about 30% that you don’t even focus on how it’s written. You’ll just keep flipping those pages. I also think the writing was meant to be that way, so the reader doesn’t feel any attachment to the characters. Believe me when I say that you will not feel anything but hate for these characters. They are all pretty terrible human beings when it comes to morals.

Beth is our narrator, and at first I thought she was pretty clever. She has a very dry personality. She’s the type of person that I probably wouldn’t be friends with, but I can still appreciate their existence. Then she gets really weird when you learn who the missing person is. It doesn’t say it in the synopsis, so I won’t spoil it for you.

Eddie is my least favorite sibling. I could tell from the start that something was fishy about him. He goes off to talk on the phone with random people; he treats his wife like garbage, he never agrees with the group, and he always wants to be the boss. I would have shoved him out of the car.

Throughout the story there are flashbacks to when the siblings were on the same road trip with their grandpa. It was a total nightmare. Anyway, Portia was the only one I really felt bad for. She was too young to know what was happening. All the siblings took advantage of her. I still didn’t end up liking her by the end of the book, though.

There are some blunt murder scenes in here that don’t let you think twice about what just happened. Don’t be fooled by the normal-ish family road trip, because when money is involved, the meaning of family is thrown out the window.

I would highly recommend this one. If it doesn’t surprise you at all, then just enjoy the journey it takes you on, because it’s a wild ride. It can be brutal and weird, but I didn’t find it super unrealistic like some thrillers I have read recently. I loved it. And I can’t wait for Downing to write more!

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NetGalley Checklist: Books Being Published in April

You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle

Publication: 4/7/20 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons

368 pages

ISBN: 9780593085424

Goodreads blurb:

When your nemesis also happens to be your fiancé, happily ever after becomes a lot more complicated in this wickedly funny, lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy debut. 

To Have and to Hoax by Martha Waters

Publication: 4/7/20 by Atria Books

352 pages

ISBN: 9781982136116

Goodreads blurb:

In this fresh and hilarious historical rom-com, an estranged husband and wife in Regency England feign accidents and illness in an attempt to gain attention—and maybe just win each other back in the process.

The Big Finish by Brooke Fossey

Publication: 4/14/20 by Berkley

336 pages

ISBN: 9781984804938

Goodreads blurb:

In a funny, insightful, and life-affirming debut, Brooke Fossey delivers an unflinching look at growing old, living large, and loving big, as told by a wise-cracking man who didn’t see any of it coming.

The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd

Publication: 4/21/20 by Viking

432 pages

ISBN: 9780525429760

Goodreads blurb:

The Book of Longings is an inspiring account of one woman’s bold struggle to realize the passion and potential inside her, while living in a time, place, and culture devised to silence her. 

The Girl and the Stars by Mark Lawrence

Publication: 4/21/20 by Ace: Berkley Pub

384 pages

ISBN: 9781984805997

Goodreads blurb:

In the ice, east of the Black Rock, there is a hole into which broken children are thrown.

Only when it’s darkest you can see the stars.

He Started It by Samantha Downing

Publication: 4/28/20 by Berkley

384 pages

ISBN: 9780451491756

Goodreads blurb:

Beth, Portia, and Eddie Morgan haven’t all been together in years. And for very good reasons—we’ll get to those later. But when their wealthy grandfather dies and leaves a cryptic final message in his wake, the siblings and their respective partners must come together for a cross-country road trip to fulfill his final wish and—more importantly—secure their inheritance.

Thank you to all of the publishers / NetGalley for the early digital copies! I also won The Big Finish in a Goodreads giveaway, so thank you to Goodreads as well.

Let me know if any of you would be interested in the books being released each month on my NetGalley checklist! This way it would make these a decent length without listing ALL of them in one post.

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Book Review: Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

Thank you to Berkley / NetGalley for the digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

Undercover Bromance (Bromance Book Club #2) by Lyssa Kay Adams

338 pages

ISBN: 9781984806116

Published: 3/10/20 by Berkley

Genre: Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

B&N | Amazon

Goodreads Synopsis:

Braden Mack thinks reading romance novels makes him an expert in love, but he’ll soon discover that real life is better than fiction.

Liv Papandreas has a dream job as a sous chef at Nashville’s hottest restaurant. Too bad the celebrity chef owner is less than charming behind kitchen doors. After she catches him harassing a young hostess, she confronts him and gets fired. Liv vows revenge, but she’ll need assistance to take on the powerful chef.

Unfortunately, that means turning to Braden Mack. When Liv’s blackballed from the restaurant scene, the charismatic nightclub entrepreneur offers to help expose her ex-boss, but she is suspicious of his motives. He’ll need to call in reinforcements: the Bromance Book Club.

Inspired by the romantic suspense novel they’re reading, the book club assist Liv in setting up a sting operation to take down the chef. But they’re just as eager to help Mack figure out the way to Liv’s heart… even while she’s determined to squelch the sparks between them before she gets burned. 


Trigger warnings: Sexual harassment, mention of murder, mention of domestic violence, bribing, verbal abuse.

Fear was a powerful motivator. But so was love.

This is the second installment in The Bromance Book Club series, and I really enjoyed it, though not as much as the first one. They both have their pros and cons, though.

+ The smut in this book is much better than the first book.

– This one didn’t have as many scenes with the book club. Yes, they came together, but there weren’t any sit down club meetings about the book they were reading. I missed that from the first book.

+ I did enjoy the elimination of excerpts from the book they were reading. I believe there was only one at the very end.

– I can’t remember if the first book had an epilogue, but the epilogue in this one did not do it for me. Liv and Mack’s relationship really escalated in the six months we didn’t get to read about.

Favorite characters:

Mack: He has a heart of gold, he just doesn’t know how to use it 100% of the time. His interest and love for Liv just makes my heart smile.

He has some pretty intense baggage to carry around with him. He soon realizes that Liv hates liars, but he just can’t get himself to tell her. That’s okay though, because she’s got baggage too.

Rosie: I didn’t realize how much I loved Rosie until the end. She even tells Liv that she is like the daughter she didn’t know she needed. She cares for Liv and makes sure she takes care of herself. She’s a great mother-figure. Her relationship with Hop is also quite funny, even though I don’t like Hop all that much.

The Russian”: You learn his name at the end of the book, but I don’t want to spoil the fun. He is part of the book club, and I’ve never loved a character so much. He can’t eat cheese without stinking up a room, and his heart is always in the right place. I love how much he sticks up for what’s right. I wish I could have him as a best friend. I’d say a lot of laughs would come from that friendship.

Least favorite characters:

Liv: I know this probably surprises some people. Yes, she had a poor relationship with her father, and now she hates men. Blah, blah, blah. I just hated her attitude in this book and the last. Mack does eventually crack her shell, but dang it sure does take the whole book to do so.

Hop: I found him super annoying. The only good thing that comes from him is how happy he makes Rosie. That’s all.

Royce: This is a given. Royce is the restaurant owner of Savoy, the restaurant Liv is a pastry chef for. This man is misogynistic, arrogant, and impertinent. The list goes on and on. I hated him from the start of the book, and so do all the characters. I’m so happy they seek revenge on his ass. He deserved everything that came to him.

One thing I love about these romance novels is the writing. I don’t expect romance novels to have skilled writing considering what they’re usually about. That’s not even an insult. I love that this author gives us more. She said, “I’ll see your sex and heavy topics and raise you quality writing.” I can appreciate it. Not that she isn’t an auto-read author for me, anyway. I’m super excited for the next installment!

I’m sorry the formatting for my book reviews change constantly. Different books make me feel like writing reviews in different ways. I think we should just all accept that and move on.

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ARC Book Review: The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

Thank you to Berkley / NetGalley for allowing me to read a digital copy in exchange for an honest review! 

The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

Published 11/5/2019 by Berkley

ISBN: 9781984806093

339 pages (Goodreads says there is 320 pages, but the copy I’m reading goes to 339)

Genre: Contemporary Romance | Rom-Com

Rating: ★★★★☆

Amazon | B&N | Goodreads

Goodreads Synopsis:

The first rule of this book club:
You don’t talk about book club.

Nashville Legends second baseman Gavin Scott’s marriage is in major league trouble. He’s recently discovered a humiliating secret: his wife Thea has always faked the Big O. When he loses his cool at the revelation, it’s the final straw on their already strained relationship. Thea asks for a divorce, and Gavin realizes he’s let his pride and fear get the better of him.

Welcome to the Bromance Book Club.

Distraught and desperate, Gavin finds help from an unlikely source: a secret romance book club made up of Nashville’s top alpha men. With the help of their current read, a steamy Regency titled Courting the Countess, the guys coach Gavin on saving his marriage. But it’ll take a lot more than flowery words and grand gestures for this hapless Romeo to find his inner hero and win back the trust of his wife.


*I am late with my review, but any quote(s) used are from the finished copy.

“I’m the kind of baseball wife who still isn’t sure the difference between a no-hitter and a perfect game, and you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because I didn’t marry baseball. I married Gavin, a man with more integrity than you could ever dream of having.”

I’m quite behind on writing reviews. I’ve hit some sort of reading sprint, and I can’t stop. I finished two books in one weekend, which never happens to me. I’m slowly getting all of my thoughts together for each book.

Characters | 

The characters were all pretty interesting. I thought that the members of the book club were funny. They all had their flaws though, and some bothered me more than others.

I started out hating Gavin, then Thea started showing her true colors. Her mothering skills were fantastic. She treats her daughters like they matter, which I don’t see very often in novels. She has a semi-strong bond with her sister, which is great. I just don’t like how she treats Gavin. If you don’t want to give him the light of day, then just end it right then and there. Instead, she eggs it on. That kills me! The reader understands why, like, right at the end of the book. I get that she has a depressing past, but that doesn’t mean you need to take it out on other people. I just didn’t end up liking her that much, unfortunately.

I didn’t care for Liv and the way she treated Gavin. It wasn’t any of her business as to why Gavin was still staying at the house. I understand she was trying to take care of her sister but, there are boundaries. She was probably my least favorite character, other than Mack, who is part of the book club.

Story |

I would consider this a slow-burn romance. Nothing steamy happens until closer to the end, but I’m into the rom-com novels. This could totally be a movie! I would watch it.

The story focuses on Gavin and his desire to keep his marriage together after he supposedly tore it apart. The issue is that they both play a pretty big role in what path their marriage is going down. The reader learns a lot about Thea’s past and her relationship with her parents. I won’t spoil that for you since it’s a significant piece of information in the novel. I’m sure it won’t be a surprise to anyone who reads/watches rom-coms.

I loved this so much. This is romantic, but it also has a lot of familial dynamics. Thea and Gavin have two twin daughters, Ava and Amelia, who make it even harder to make a decision regarding their marriage. Oh yeah, did I also mention Thea’s sister, Liv? She plays a role in the whole ordeal too. She also has a lot of turmoil with their parents. Thea and Liv stick together. Let’s just say that Liv isn’t a fan of Gavin and vice versa.

My issues with the story: There was a point that I just wanted it to come to an end. This isn’t a very long book, but it does get redundant, I guess. It is still very fast-paced, regardless. It was a five-star read up until around page 260. I found myself not wanting to continue on, or just skipping to the end to see what happens.

I also found myself not wanting to read the excerpts of the novel. Obviously, the two stories are similar to one another, except one is from the 1800s and one is present day. The situations are different. I just didn’t care about those characters. Thank God that doesn’t show up too often.

Writing | 

I found the sex scenes to be very well done! They are scarce and short-lived, but they were 10/10. Good description of everything!
This is a romance novel, so don’t go into this expecting it to blow your mind. I found it to be a bit more sophisticated. The book club members have a very diverse vocabulary, which surprised me.

Overall | 

I would totally buy this for my shelves! I enjoyed it a lot, and I recommend it if you’re interested or if you need a funny, steamy, fast-paced read. This is the type of book that will lift you out of your reading slump, for sure! Go pick it up and show it some love.

“Love is enough.”
“It’s always enough.”

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