2018 Reading Year in Review!

Total books read: 68 Goal: 50

Pages read: 22,259

Biggest book: 1,159 pages (It by Stephen King)

Smallest book: 48 pages (Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini) 

Average page count: ~348 pages

Average rating: 3.37

Audiobooks Listened To: 4

Hours: 26 hours and 20 mins.

I will admit that I am guilty of listening to an audiobook while reading along with the physical book. I struggle to stay focused most of the time. My mind will wander even if I genuinely love a book. I have struggled with that since I was a kid. I’m not counting that towards the audiobooks I have listened to because I still sat down and read the book. Plus I couldn’t even tell you all of the ones I used an audio book with. There are books that I have read where I will listen to half of it while reading along, I’ll only listen to part of it, or I’ll just physically read part of it. 

Overall I’m not mad about this year. I didn’t read a lot of mind blowing books, but that’s okay. 2019 can be a better year! I hope you all read what you wanted to read in 2018! Happy New Year, everyone!

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