How Do I Choose My Next Read?

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I hope you’re all doing well.

I didn’t feel like posting another book review or book tag; I wanted to post something a little more “creative” on my blog. Obviously, this isn’t an original idea, but I thought it was a different from what I usually post. I hope you don’t mind.

I’m not a very fast reader—never have been—and when I first started blogging, my book choices weren’t pondered over very long. I just thought I was cool for reading a book. After blogging and reading avidly for three years, I feel like I try my best to pick my next read carefully. Here’s a list of how I would typically choose my next read. I change my mind most of the time, but I try really hard to stick to my first choice.

Upcoming releases

NetGalley has been my savior when it comes to new releases. I don’t always request books when I’m on there. Most of the time I’m just looking for interesting books coming out in the near future. If I do happen to get accepted for an upcoming release, I try to talk myself into reading that one first (that’s obviously why you request books on NetGalley). That’s typically the first place I look to choose my next read. I love me some new books.


I always have books out from my library. If I don’t want to read a book off of NetGalley, then this is most definitely the next place I look. How do I decide from there? Well, good question. It’s all based on my mood from there. It will also depend on how soon a book has to go back. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve checked out, never read, and returned to the library unloved. It’s one of my greatest weaknesses (or strength depending on how you look at it.)


Recommendations usually come from YouTube. I find it kind of hard to scroll through Goodreads and find books to read—the algorithm is extremely weird.

A few YouTubers I watch for book recommendations:

Riley Marie

Zoe Delaney

Noelle Gallagher

boston reads books


There are obviously more great ones, but these are a few I thought of off the top of my head.

* I’ve watched most of them for a while, and I’m totally interested in BookTuber recommendations. Preferably a more diverse group of BookTubers. I don’t read a lot of YA, so I stray away from anyone who reads only YA books. Not there is anything wrong with that—just not my taste. Thanks! 🙂 *


I’ll also look at book prize lists—Man Booker, Pulitzer, Goodreads Choice Awards, etc. This is normally my last-ditch effort when it comes to choosing my next read. Book awards don’t intrigue me as much as some people, but I’m always interested in why they won an award.

To-Be-Read Jar

I have a jar filled with the majority of books I own. I used to pick a book out of the jar once a month, but I stopped because I would never get to them. It is another option, though. It’s an amazing idea in theory, but I’m terrible at the execution.

Honestly, it usually boils down to my mood. I used to think I wasn’t a mood reader, but who isn’t? If you’re not a mood reader, then let me know down in the comments! I hope you liked this. I’ve been in a blogging slump because I don’t have any creative ideas, and I sincerely apologize. I’m trying every day to think of fresh ideas. Stay tuned for different types of posts from me—aside from reviews.

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I have recently joined the book community and I am enjoying it. I will be reviewing books on this blog as well as posting other bookish related posts. Most of the books I read are Young Adult but I'll try to read any genre. Let me know your opinions, but be respectful of others. Don't forget to tell people about this blog if you enjoy it!

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