Book Review: The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

Thank you to Graydon House / NetGalley for the digital copy in exchange for an honest review!

The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

ISBN: 9781525809781

Publication: 12/30/19 by Graydon House

336 pages

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Goodreads Synopsis:

Imagine that your husband has two other wives.

You’ve never met the other wives. None of you know each other, and because of this unconventional arrangement, you can see your husband only one day a week. But you love him so much you don’t care. Or at least that’s what you’ve told yourself.

But one day, while you’re doing laundry, you find a scrap of paper in his pocket—an appointment reminder for a woman named Hannah, and you just know it’s another of the wives.

You thought you were fine with your arrangement, but you can’t help yourself: you track her down, and, under false pretenses, you strike up a friendship. Hannah has no idea who you really are. Then, Hannah starts showing up to your coffee dates with telltale bruises, and you realize she’s being abused by her husband. Who, of course, is also your husband. But you’ve never known him to be violent, ever.

Who exactly is your husband, and how far would you go to find the truth? Would you risk your own life?

And who is his mysterious third wife?


Everything is just right, the way he likes is, and thus, the way I like it. It’s not that I don’t have a personality; it’s just that everything I am is reserved for him. As it should be.”

Story |

I was so excited about the concept of this story. A man with multiple wives who don’t know each other, then one decides she’s going to contact the others—that sounds exciting. It is definitely page-turning, but I don’t think it was executed properly. There is a trauma that happens in the book—a miscarriage—and it’s sort of tossed to the side and portrayed as not a valid problem to be traumatized by. It almost seemed like a joke was made of it. Obviously, the author probably didn’t think it would be portrayed that way. I try to make these reviews as spoiler free as possible, so I don’t want to go into more detail than that.

I felt that everything was crammed into the ending of the book. I had 250 pages of a slow-burn thriller, then it all hit the fan. There was so much exposed that I couldn’t keep up with it all. I did like the very last page. I thought it was well deserved. I’m not sure what kind of person that makes me, but I’ll accept it.

Characters |

I felt bad for Thursday and the things she went through in this book. Her mother wasn’t a very good role model—telling her how she should treat her husband. I also wouldn’t be able to handle a husband who’s married to two other women—are you kidding me? There’s going to be some jealousy, and she’s going to want to meet them, eventually. I feel for her. When I read the twist, I was disappointed by how she was actually portrayed. It made me not interested in how it ended.

I hated Seth from the beginning. He didn’t really serve much of a purpose, other than being married to the women. I also didn’t like the other two wives—Monday and Tuesday. We later learn that their names are Hannah and Regina. You’ll soon find out that Regina’s name suits her. She’s a terrible person for what she tells Thursday.

After a while I just didn’t want to read about them anymore. They got on my nerves most of the time.

Writing |

It was very simplistic and easy to read. I didn’t really have any glaring issues with the writing style. It’s about the only thing that redeemed the novel from being a two-star read. It helped me read it in one day.

Overall |

I’ve heard really good things about this, but the more reviews I see on Goodreads, the more I realize that I wasn’t the only person who had issues with it. That’s not to say that it’s a terrible book. It’s just not my cup of tea. I’m interested in more of Fisher’s novels, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend this one. It might be good for people just entering the thriller genre. I’m sad that I didn’t like it as much as wanted to.

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