Cleaning up my Goodreads TBR!

I don’t have a lot of books on my TBR, at least that are documented on my Goodreads. Most of the books on my physical shelves aren’t even on my Goodreads TBR, which is something I should probably do. Anyway, this is just for the books that I have marked as “want to read” on my Goodreads account.

Disclaimer: This is my TBR, and I’m not trying to offend anyone if I don’t want to read books by your favorite author.

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Any book by Leigh Bardugo (5 books)

Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody

Any book by Patrick Ness (3 books)

I Am, I Am, I Am: Seventeen Brushes with Death by Maggie O’Farrell

Fortune Smiles by Adam Johnson

None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio

The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy by Kate Hattemer

Solar Bones by Mike McCormack

The Way I Used to be by Amber Smith

Any book by Susan Beth Pfeffer (4 books)

Paperweight by Meg Haston

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart

The Mark and the Void by Paul Murray

The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle

You’ll Grow Out of it by Jessi Klein

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett

Here, There, Everywhere by Julia Durango

The Social Affair by Britney King

Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberley

Into the Storm by Tristram Korten

The Rise and Fall of Dinosaurs by Stephen Brusatte

The Library by Stuart Kells

Dominic by Mark Pryor

I know this was very boring, and I understand if no one reads it. I just wanted to document the books I’m taking off my TBR. It’s boring if I just write it in my notes on my phone. I figured I would let you all be part of it.

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Author: passionatelyperusing

I have recently joined the book community and I am enjoying it. I will be reviewing books on this blog as well as posting other bookish related posts. Most of the books I read are Young Adult but I'll try to read any genre. Let me know your opinions, but be respectful of others. Don't forget to tell people about this blog if you enjoy it!

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