ARC Book Review: Caged by Ellison Cooper


By: Ellison Cooper

Publishing Date: 7/10/18 by Minotaur Books

ISBN: 9781250173836 (Hardcover)

368 pages

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Rating: 3/5

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Thank you to Minotaur books for sending this my way for an honest review. 

This is a novel about a young girl found in a cage, with a puppy, dead. Two cops find her and the FBI needs to figure out what happened and why. They also need to find the psycho, and whether or not he caged more victims. You follow Special Agent Altair, and her tight-knit group of colleagues. You find that Altair isn’t just out to arrest criminals, she is also there to research their brains. Her plan is to find out the difference between a serial killers brain and a normal brain. There are a lot of lies, miscommunication, and very little evidence. In the end it turns out that the killer isn’t a stranger.

I had fun reading this novel, just because I have never read anything like it. I never pick up detective novels because they all sound the same to me. The writing was very well thought out and descriptive. Cooper’s background definitely proves why she is well versed in detective jargon. The FBI aspect was a little bit cheesy. I felt like it could be a TV show rather than a book. The ending also didn’t blow me away. There are more books involving Special Agent Altair coming out, and because Cooper left Caged on a cliffhanger I have to AT LEAST read book two.

The characters were well-developed and easy to connect with. They all had different personalities, so it made it easy to distinguish who was who. Cooper does add in some particularly obnoxious and annoying characters just to knock you off kilter. There were a few that I only trusted as far as I could throw. The characters weren’t extraordinary, but they fit well in the world that Cooper created.

I wouldn’t throw recommendations left and right, but if you have any interest in reading a fun FBI book, then go ahead and pick it up. It can’t hurt anything! I enjoyed myself overall, and in a guilty pleasure kind of way, I am looking forward to the next one.

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